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U shaped pillow massager

Easy to carry; suitable for office, home and travel, you can enjoy the relaxation of the neck anytime, anywhere

 Two-way kneading and vibration massage can be comparable to the massage brought by the hands of a real person

High-frequency mute noise reduction design, let you enjoy the rest time quietly.

360° three-dimensional support

High and low undulating curved surface design, close to the shoulder neck curve, effectively absorb the neck pressure, evenly bear the force, reduce the pressure point, provide sufficient support protection, left and right reclining are also very comfortable.

High quality air filter cotton sheath

Full-fleshed, delicate texture, soft feel, can also be used for sensitive skin, When used, it is close to the skin, such as the spring breeze on the face.

Long battery life standby

Large capacity battery, charging for 2 hours, massage for ten minutes each time, can be used 20-30 times, standby for a long time, to meet the needs of different time and place.

High density memory foam

Soft support, tired heard placed here, carefully selected comfortable and durable memory foam, soft support shoulder and neck.

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