2021 Stylish Colorful Mini Massage Gun

Colorful Mini Massage gun

Simple and Stylish, Your massagist in pocket

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Colorful Mini Massage gun

6 Hours Long Battery Life

Mini massage gun can last up to 6 hours in the no-load first lever

Light and compact

Ergonomic design smooth lines. The body weighs only 495g, but it is powerful, up to 3000rpm, deep massaging muscles.

Type-c interface is equipped to charge directly with the phone charger

Replenish electric power anytime and anywhere, ales can use power bank to charge, more stable and convenient.

Easy to Operate

The whole machine is equipped with a button at the bottom of the handle to prevent accidental touches,and can control all operation for a comfortable experience.

4 massage heads

Mini massage gun is equipped with four massage heads to meet different needs of muscle group.
Flat Head / Mainly for back, waist and other large muscle groups.
Cylindrical Head / Deep tissue such as meridians, joints and acupoints.
Ball Head / For large muscle groups such as thigh, calf, waist, arm and hip, which can release soft tissue and sensitive muscle groups.
U-Head / Neck, spine and achilles tendon.

Simple and Stylish, Your massagist in pocket

lt can act on 5 cm under the epidermis, dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, enhance cell vitality and repair ability of damaged tissues.


  • RPM: 1400~2900rpm; 4 speed levels
  • Amplitude: 7 mm
  • Built-in lithium battery *3
  • Working time: max up to 6 hours
  • Charging time:4 ~6 hours
  • Charging Interface: TYPE-C
  • 4 massage heads
  • Operation mode: intermittent loading
  • Sound below 45dp

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