2021 New Pocket Gun Massager

MINI Pocket portable fascia massage gun

A masseuse that you carry around
Can be put in a packet
Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness anywhere


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Pocket portable fascia massage gun

Size is small but strong power

the weight of two iphone

low noise near silent output

2500mAh capacity lithium battery

3200 r/min high speed, not less than normal size

Aluminum alloy heat dissipation material

the whole machine adopts the body of aluminum alloy, fully enclosed state, aluminum alloy material has good heat dissipation, without heat dissipation holes

type-c interface is equipped chare directly with the phone charger

Replenish electric power anytime and anywhere, ales can use power bank to charge, more stable and convenient.

A little body, a lot of energy

Brushless custom motor continuous power flow. Small size, large torque up to 5kg/cm, intelligent adjustment motor output power, strong and stable power, resist shook.

45dB whisper

Not noisy not noisy quiet relaxation,With a specially customized brushless DC motor, the noisy during operation is about the volume of normal conversation which is basically negligible.

60 days of endurance

60W high-power motor power support, with 2400mAh large-capacity battery daily massage 10min, under first gear mode can be used continuously ~60 days.


  • ABS material +aluminium alloy housing
  • 25W max brushless motor
  • RPM: 1200-3500rpm; 5 speed levels
  • Battery capacity:Fixed 5C high-energy lithium battery*3
  • Working time: max up to 5h
  • Charging Interface: TYPE-C
  • 4 massage heads
  • Sound below 65dp

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