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16.8V Blush Motor

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This percussion gun uses a 16.8V high-power brushless motor with a diameter of 55mm and adopts a dual-bearing rotating structure, which brings strong deep striking. The high-speed impact of 3200 Revolutions Per Minute can penetrate 12mm deep muscle tissue and quickly recovery the generated after exercise Lactic acid, and it runs smoothly and at the same time is as quiet as a light breeze and drizzle, giving you a comfortable experience of striking the depths of your body.

Deeper massage instant release of fatigue

Locking torque refers to whether the percussion gun will be stuck or not when the massage head in operation is pressed forcefully. This is very important for users who want deep high-power stimulation. And the length of the stroke can be understood as the stretching distance when the massage head hits. We know that the deep muscle and meat group often cover the skin less than 10 mm, and if the journey can ch the goal, it will not play a role in deep stimulation.

Charge your body, Full of vitality all-day

In addition to healing and relaxation, it can also be easily controlled in terms of relaxing stiff muscles and
shaping the body. It is suitable for low back pain caused by sitting in the office. You can choose a low-grade massage to wake up muscle vitality.

Low noise

Enjoy comfort without disturbing others Let the body and mind be immersed in silence Whether in a noisy public gym or in a quiet office, you can enjoy it all the time. You can put your body in it and immerse yourself in a peaceful and comfortable relaxation

High-performance 3C power battery

It’s not just about long-term endurance 3C is equipped with power battery. In addition to its excellent endurance, the power supply of 3C is 3 times that of an ordinary power battery, providing 30% power for the whole body.

Take it easy your handbag

For outdoor sports or indoor fitness activities, as long as you put it into the bag you can use it all your free time, so that massage relaxation can really integrate into your life.


Touch screen and easy gear shifting

Percussion gun adopts an intelligent LCD touch screen, more humanized design, and convenient operation With a little finger, the 4 gear can be adjusted intelligently, and the gear frequency can be adjusted at will To meet the massage needs of different groups.



  • Motor: 20W brushless
  • RPM: 3200
  • Speed: 4 Speed Levels
  • Stroke: 12mm
  • Battery:16.8V 2000mAh
  • Working time: max up to 6 hours
  • massage heads:4 Heads
  • Sound:below 45dp
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Grey/Black/Gree…
  • Certificate: CE ROHS FCC
  • Single package size:28.5*23.5*11 cm
  • Single gross weight:1.40 kg

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