Muscle Massager

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Muscle Massager Product Features

Smart chip technology
Noise reduction design
Originality design
Long battery life
Deep massage frequency
Strong horsepower

Beautiful Appearance

The Main Body Is ABS+PC

Touch screen sliding induction control, 6-speed vibration, rechargeable, strong sense of technology, good hand feeling 

Resistant High And Low Temperature

Storage test 70±20℃, place it for 6 hours, return to temperature for 2 hours, normal function.

Place it for 16 hours, return to temperature for 2 hours, normal function
run test
Run for 4 hours, normal function
Run for 4 hours, normal function

Black & White & Blue & Pink
Four-Color Selection

The requirements are consistent and consistent with the confirmed samples

Under Pressure Ultra High Durability

Add 20 pounds of sandbags (rice bags) to load and set the cycle at 10min. ON/10min. Turn off. The product runs for 200 hours in total and functions normally

6 Massage Heads

Muscle massager equipped with four 6 different massage heads, For different muscle groups, pain types and diseases.
Ball head

Fork head

D type head

Cylinder head

Flat head

Fork-shaped head

Strong Power & Low Noise

When the whole machine is working, there is no obvious abnormal sound Noise at 30 cm directly above <60dB


Net weight: 0.66±0.1 kg
Quiescent current: <150uA
Charging time: < 3 hours
Charging current: 2.0(±0.2)A
Motor specification: DC12V-4525
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output:  DC5V+10%/2A
Size: 17.6 X20X 6 cm (without massage head)
power supply: 12.6V/2000mAh (18650 lithium battery 3 pieces)
Charger port: TYPE-C 

1st gear motor speed: 25Hz 1500RPM ± IOORPM
2nd gear motor speed: 31.6Hz800RPM±100RPM
3 gear motor speed: 38.33Hz2100RPM±100RPM
4-speed motor speed: 45Hz 2400RPM±100RPM
5-speed motor speed: 51.67Hz2700RPM±100RPM
6-speed motor speed: 58.33Hz 3000RPM±100RPM