Mini Fascia Gun

45 DB low noise
6 hours battery life
LCD touch screen
5 speed adjustable

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Newest exclusive design mini fascia gun of relaxing whole body, alleviate fatigue

LCD touch adjustment control the speed with one hand

Easily cope with various use cases

Professional massage equipment

Farewell to soreness, pain, tiredness, deep muscle massage, secret crush your lactic acid, and makes fitness more effective.
Vitality awakens from here. SoonPAM fascia gun relaxes fascia and stiff muscles with deep and powerful vibration stimulation The tight soft tissue gun relaxes, accelerates blood circulation and rapidly breaks down the Lactic acid produced after exercise.


    • LED touch screen
  • 5 speed support
  • High frequency vibration
  • 35db low voice
  • 10 hours long battery working time
  • Head massage support
  • Dual anxis drive
  • Type C port
  • Color: black and red available

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