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Brushless motor, 6 gear speed massage gun

1400~3400rpm deep massage can reduce muscle stiffness and pain quickly

A1 smart massage gun

The research and development team has thoroughly studied the mechanics of human muscles and bones. And designed vibration patterns that conform to human mechanics to meet a variety of body needs.

6 massage heads to massage different parts of the body

6 Massage heads Provide matching 6 massage heads for different parts, and change the corresponding massage heads according to their own needs
Ball-shaped head: Suitable for full body bones
Heart-shaped head: Suitable for massaging arm, back,  buttock, thigh, calf, etc
Finger-shaped head: Apply to massage arm, back, buttock, thigh and other muscle groups
U-types head: Suitable for massage of neck, spine and Achilles tendon
Flat-type head: Suitable for massaging the large fiat muscle groups of the waist, back and arm.
Cylinder head: Suitable for deep tissues, such as acupoints, tendons, joints, palms, soles, etc.

Silent technology

Multiple acoustic materials absorb shock and match silent motor dual-axis rotation to greatly reduce noise

Powerful noiseless motor

Vibration penetrates deep muscle groups. The intensity of each pound is just right.

Ai intelligent system

Professional safety electronic control system

Multiple ventilation slot cooling system

Efficient cooling air duct reduce heat during machine use, improve power performance and extends motor life.

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