EMS Foot Micro Electric Pulse Massager

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1000Hz EMS Micro Electric Pulse
3.7v 300 mAh rechargeable battery


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Japaneses design, upgrade research and development

The massage cushion with shining aurora color is equipped with Japanese EMS micro electric pulse

After exercise deep massage relax muscles

Focusing on the legs or hands well help to develop a beautiful posture

Awaken muscle vitality

help muscles move autonomously and avoid mechanical damage achieve satisfactory legs

can be sued on multiple parts of body

plantar :form plantar acupoint massage to plantar muscles posterior tibial muscle

Arm / forearm: Upper arm biceps triceps fingering group

Thighs / buttocks: thigh flexors, main muscles (requires full contact with skin)

Calf: promote calf exercise to  activate gastrocnemius and coleus muscles farewell to elephant legs to relieve standing discomfort such as swelling, soreness, etc.

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