Cell Phone Sized Massage Gun

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3200R High speed impact
7.4v 1800mhA battery
Type-C charging interface
Noise below 45dp

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6 mm massage stroke

Give deep comfort to the flesh Directly reaching the 6 mm deep muscle group, the deep power of pound phosphorus constantly impacts the body, allowing the excitement to sweep through every muscle cell.

Put it in your pocket, It’s so capricious to carry

the massage gun is 0.6 kg -Weight, 15 cm Length. After use, put it into your pocket, no need to store the bag, minus the extra tediousness, let the massage relax truly integrate into your life.

Quiet operation

The 24w high-power brushless motor can reach 3200 speed, plus the double bearing operation, the transmission power of the fuselage is more stable, so that the fascia gun no longer shakes hands, making the kinetic energy and mute effect more perfect.

Full response to six levels

Combined with the A1 chip to create an intelligent program massage method, so that relaxation is no longer rigid. The six-level strength will be adaptively adjusted, and the muscle will not be damaged by massaging the same part for a long time. 1-2 gear: 1800-2300 revolutions/min 3-4th gear: 2300-2800 revolutions/min 5th gear. 2800 revolutions/min 6th gear: 3200 revolutions/min

7.4v 1800mhA battery high-performance lithium battery

Upgrade the lithium battery to be safer and more energy-saving, and charge faster. One-step massage for 10 minutes a day can be used for about 30 days.             

4 professional massage heads, Take care of every muscle group 

Ball head: Suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, buttocks, thighs, and calves U head:Suitable for massaging the neck, spine and Achilles tendon Cylindrical head Suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridian palms, soles, etc. Flat head: Suitable for relaxation and plasticity of large muscle groups such as latissimus dorsi.

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