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Pneumatic, Hot compress, Human hands mimicking, Intensity adjustable, 360 wrapping

Relieve body fatigue, act on healthy parts of the body surface, promote blood circulation and other curative effects

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Air Pressure Leg Bueaty Massager air pressure therapy foot and leg massager air pressure massager therapy massage air compression massager for leg foot air pressure therapy foot and leg massager package include

Air Pressure Leg Massager Feature :

Cutting-edge technology.

This air compression leg massager uses advanced air compression technology. Studies have shown that this massager can effectively solve: thicker legs; sprains caused by high heels; leg edema; joint pain; cold/rainy discomfort; overdeveloped calf muscles.

It feels like a hand

We proudly boast of the scientific simulations of our opponents. With this, our massager can accurately massage each acupoint while providing you with a comfortable massage experience. For calves, ankles, heels, and feet, our masseurs always know what you want and do what you need.

6 kinds of pleasure

You can switch between 6 programs and enjoy different massages. All procedures are automatically included; relaxation is a gentle massage; acupuncture is a continuous and effective massage; kneading is from toe to leg, from weak to strong; leg acupuncture points include “kneading” and “kneading” of leg acupoints “Massage”; foot acupoints refer to “kneading” and “massaging” the toes and plantar acupoints.

360° surround

The air compression leg massager provides a full range of massage from toes to calves-it covers every area. This is much better than manual massage because you don’t have to worry about missing any acupuncture points. So just relax and enjoy

Variable intensity

Up to 3 optional massage intensities for you to enjoy a personalized message. The first gear is for relaxation-try it to wash away your fatigue after hard work. The second gear is for comfort. It can effectively soothe your mind, relax your muscles and nourish your body. The third gear is powerful. This is a thorough massage and you will get all the results you want.

Heating functions

Massage is better with heating, which is why we added this function to the massager. It helps to enhance the massage effect and at the same time makes the massager more like a human hand.
More user-friendly design The powerful Velcro provides our massager with adjustable size and strong adhesion, making it more convenient to use. With high-quality sockets, this product is more durable and can be used for a long time. In addition, its low voltage makes it easy for everyone, even children, to use it.


  • Brand Name: OEM/ODM
  • Model Number: MP-03
  • Type: Air Pressure Leg Massager.
  • Heating Temperatures: 3 levels(40℃,45℃,50℃)
  • Modes: 3 mods&3 massage intensities
  • 15mins working countdown
  • Power: 18W
  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Material: Cloth
  • Power supply: AC adapter
  • Color: grey/black
  • Certificate: CE ROHS FCC
  • Selling Units: Single item
  • Product size: 39*24.5 cm
  • Package size: 19*13.5*34 cm
  • Single gross weight:1.3 kg


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