Office workers use massage gun

Who is suitable to use massage gun?

More and more people pay attention to their health, massage guns became more widely available for people to use in daily life.

What are the groups that use massage guns the most?

1. Athletes, professional dancers, skateboarders, and so on

The daily high-intensity training of professional sportsmen can easily cause contusions to muscles and bones. After a long time, minor illnesses do not recuperate, and they develop into serious illnesses, which are what we often call occupational diseases. Therefore, professional sportspeople should pay special attention to sports rehabilitation. The massage gun can effectively massage the muscles and relieve muscle contusions during exercise.

2. Office workers, e-sports players, professional anchors, etc

The reason why we are able to move freely mainly depends on the circulation of blood. But if you sit for a long time, it will reduce the amount of oxygen-carrying blood in the body, decrease the oxygen partial pressure and increase the blood volume of carbon dioxide, which will cause muscle soreness, stiffness, and atrophy. The high-frequency vibration of the massage gun can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and pain.