various massage equipment

Which is better for traditional massage equipment or massage gun?

The scope of this problem is a wide range. There are too many classifications of massage equipment. For example, electromagnetic massage equipment uses two electromagnetic patches to massage through low voltage and high currents. There are equipment that can perform physical eye massage, human shoulder massage equipment, and shoulder and neck massage equipment, and many more. These all belong to the category of “massage instrument”.

The massage gun is simply a new type of “7” shaped massage instrument. It was first popular in professional athletes for deep muscle massage and then appeared in the gym.

So, which one is better for a massage chair, massager, or massage gun?

1. Massage chair: It’s very cool to lie down and relax, but it should take up enough space at home.

2. Massage machine: There are many specifications, both for waist and legs, and it is better to store than massage chairs, but the functionality seems to be relatively simple.

3. massage gun: It looks a lot like an electric drill. You can press it on your shoulders, neck, arms, and legs, but it seems that you need to study how to use it to avoid injury. In addition, it does not take up much space. But sometimes, you need someone’s help to massage some part of the body.

In terms of actual use, after many people have bought various massage devices, most of them use them once or twice, and there are still many impractical products. The high price of massage chairs is not suitable for all consumers. On the contrary, the massage gun can be used by people from small to elementary school students to parents in their 50s and 60s. Based on the above comparison, the massage gun is a more suitable relaxing massage product for most people.