Precautions for the use of massage gun

What we should pay attention to when using massage gun

First, we all know the role of the fascia massage gun. Now more and more white collar workers, blue collar workers and the old people in our daily work will use fascia massage gun and gradually enter our life. But do you know what matters we should pay attention to when using massage gun so that the fascia massage gun can serve us better?

Fascia massage gun can greatly improve the efficiency of massage and stretch muscle recovery, saving time and money. First, let’s take a look at the role of the massage gun.

  • It can effectively relieve people’s body fatigue in sports, life and work.
  • It can consume fat and heat energy; It can help you relax and relieve discomfort.
  • For athletes, Fascia massage gun can help us improve training effect and accelerate recovery.
  1.  It is not recommended using the joint, as it is easy to cause joint damage
  2. It is not recommended using in areas with external trauma
  3. Pregnant women and infants are not recommended to use. Teenagers should use it under the guidance of professionals
  4. The head, neck, chest, abdominal cavity, armpit, these sensitive and easily injured places should not be used
  5. The recommended use time is 8-10min