brush motor massage gun

What kind of massage gun is worth buying?

If you are buying or going to buy a massage gun, this article will be helpful for your decision to buy a suitable model.

The soul of a good massage gun is the electronic motor. Electric motors can be divided into two main categories — brushless motors and brush motors. The brushless motor is an upgraded version of the brush motor, which has many advantages, such as low noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life.

So choose a brushless motor massage gun is the first step you need to do, and what other points should we focus on?

 Revolving speed

A good massage gun’s revolving speed is between 2000rpm ~3200rpm normally. If the speed is too high, it may make the human body unbearable, not only can not relax the fascia but also may bring harm; and if the speed is too low, it can not play a role. so the speed of the motor should be controlled in a scientific, suitable for the range of the human body.


The torque of the motor represents the dynamic performance of the motor to some extent. In terms of the feeling effect, it is the strength of each hit, so it is not enough for the fast revolving speed. The product needs to have a certain torque, and A good massage gun ‘s torque is about 106 mN


In addition to speed and power, if  you want a better hit, pay attention to the fascia gun stroke. The higher the stroke depth, the easier it is to reach the deep muscle groups. Generally speaking, the stroke of the fascia gun should be no less than 10 mm. If the amplitude is too small, the fascia gun will hit the body soft like scratching an itch, without massaging the muscle at all and without feeling comfortable.


Noise can also be very detrimental to the experience of using a fascia gun. Excessive noise can not only damage hearing, but also reduce the experience of using a fascia gun. Therefore, one of the criteria for choosing a fascia gun is that the noise should not be higher than 70 decibels