professional massage gun

What is the stroke of the massage gun and how to choose?

The Key Points to pay attention to when selecting a massage gun

Now the younger generation of office workers and white-collar workers pay special attention to the management of their bodies. Even if they have strong work pressure and a large number of work tasks during the day, they will still go to the gym to exercise and consume excess body fat between work.

After investigation, young people generally love sports, but they ignore an essential link: stretching, which can also be said to let the body relax after intense and stimulating exercise. The massage gun is especially suitable for office workers, sports and fitness lovers, the elderly, and postoperative recovery. It is a good choice to use it or as a gift.

If you don’t stretch and relax immediately after exercise, the effect of the previous exercise will be greatly reduced, and even the fat you want to reduce will be transformed into muscle and become worse. If you want to simply stretch and relax your muscles, you can use the massage gun, which has a particularly good effect. The massage gun, that is, the muscle massage machine, will use its internal high-speed motor to drive the “massage head” to vibrate and act on the deep layer of the muscle. After fitness, it will have no sense of restraint and make the muscle stretch more comfortable.

12mm stroke (amplitude), deep massage, and hammering

SoonPam massage gun has a 12mm deep shock. It can penetrate deep muscle groups, improve its efficiency, and deeply relax the tight muscles after exercise, giving you an original relaxation posture.

The massage gun has been newly upgraded with long-term endurance. It has a 2500mah power supply lithium battery. The power source is long-lasting and very stable. It has a high rate and high-power power supply, which is very safe and durable. When the power supply is exhausted, it can be charged directly, which is convenient and consumes less power.

At the same time, this massage gun is also equipped with an aerodynamic noise reduction shell and brushless motor double bearing rotation structure, which has strong power and mute effect of vehicle color. What is unique is that this massage gun uses AI high-efficiency intelligent control chip, which is equipped with a press feedback system, which can adjust the output power of the motor according to the pressure at any time. It is very intelligent.
The massage gun has three layers of frequency conversion vibration to meet your different needs. From muscle relaxation to deep massage to professional massage mode, one key adjustment is very convenient. All sports and fitness enthusiasts, office workers, or those with backache and leg pain can have a look, for your body and your health!