What is the function of the massage gun

What is the function of the massage gun? Five things you must know

Before and after exercise or working in front of the office computer for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be muscle tension and soreness. In recent years, the deep tissue massage gun (referred to as the massage gun) has been popular to deal with such problems, and it is even more popular among fitness enthusiasts. The recommendation is a must-have artifact, what is so special about the massage gun? What should I pay attention to when buying or using The following 5 things about the massage gun, you must understand it well before you start!

1. What is a deep tissue massage gun?

The main principle of deep tissue massage gun (massage gun for short) is to use high-frequency vibration to transmit force to deeper muscles or fascia, accelerate blood circulation in sore parts, or achieve the effect of muscle relaxation, compared with human hands Massage is faster and more effective; the deep tissue massage gun is actually nothing new. If you have noticed world-class sports games or the NBA, you will find that the massage gun has been widely used in professional sports recovery, but With the development of technology, the massage gun has become smaller and more convenient, and the price has become more commonplace, making the massage gun a necessary companion for fitness or training at home.

2. what is the function of the deep tissue massage gun?

It should be noted that the deep tissue massage gun is not an analgesic. Its main function is to specifically relieve muscle fatigue and tension, and also help accelerate blood circulation, so it is very suitable for use after exercise. It can relax and relax due to fatigue. Tight large tissue muscle groups; but in fact, you can also use a massage gun to stimulate and wake up the muscles before exercise, which is equivalent to warming up the muscles and reducing the chance of injury.

3. the precautions for using the deep tissue massage gun

Although the deep tissue massage gun is very convenient to use, it is always mechanical, and it is not as easy to control the position and strength as a human hand. When using it, pay attention to avoid directly hitting the joints, neck, and spine to avoid injury. Nerves and bones also avoid using it when the muscles are inflamed, otherwise, it will only irritate the injured and make the condition worse.

4. the correct use of the deep tissue massage gun

Like all fitness training equipment, there are risks when using deep tissue massage guns. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid injuries and additional injuries. It is also worth noting in the use of massage guns. Generally speaking, the massage guns on the market have different strengths. Adjustment is not that the greater the strength, the more painful it is, the more effective it is. It is recommended to relax in the lowest position at the beginning, and then gradually adjust it upwards.

In the same way, the massage gun does not become more effective as long as it is used. It is recommended to repeat 3 to 5 times for 20 seconds each time. Try not to keep shaking the same part for more than 15 minutes.

5. select and compare the massage gun

As massage guns become more and more popular, a variety of massage guns have begun to appear on the market. When buying and comparing massage guns, how should I choose? Since the massage gun is generally wireless and has a built-in battery, because it can be used for several minutes or even tens of minutes, the weight is of course lighter. It is recommended to choose more adjustable strengths and angles and has multiple gun head replacements. The model can massage different parts more specifically.