massage gun

Use a massage gun to relax muscles in different parts of the body

massage gun is a sport and fitness partner that has emerged in recent years. It can be used to relax deep tissue and common body soreness.

The main principle of the massage gun, which looks like an “electric drill”, is used by stimulating the muscles and fascia of the aching area through high-frequency vibration, stimulates blood circulation. And then achieves a relaxing effect. It is not only can be used before and after exercise but also can be used to improve the uncomfortable. Because modern people like to play with mobile phones, office workers sit for a long time, standing in the service industry all day, lack physical activity. It is easy to cause the muscle fascia to stick, resulting in shoulder and neck stiffness, waist and back pain. Next, I will focus on the sore parts of the body and how to use the operating massage gun to help us relax.

What should I do if I have stiff shoulders and neck?

massage gunSitting in front of a computer for a long time, the shoulders and necks are tight for a long time from the lower edge of the cervical spine to the acromion. The massage gun can be tapped slowly along the direction of the muscles, mainly for comfort, and does not press deeply. I have a detailed introduction to the method of shoulder and neck massage using massage gun in the article [How to use a massage gun to massage and relax the shoulder muscles]. Interested friends can go and take a look. Please note that the blood vessels in the neck are fragile. Do not massage your neck directly.

What to do with chest tightness?

Standing in front of the computer for too long and lowering your head to play with your mobile phone will cause your chest muscles to be tightened for a long time, and you will feel chest tight. You need to stretch appropriately to restore muscle elasticity. People who have fitness habits and like to exercise their pectoral muscles can also use the massage gun to stretch and reduce pain.

What to do with low back pain?

backacheLong-term poor posture is prone to back pain. Massage the muscles on both sides of the spine to relax. This part is the superficial muscles and does not need to press too deeply. In order to avoid hitting the spine, it should be replaced with a Y-shaped massage head. In the article [How to massage and relax back muscle group with massage gun], I also gave a detailed explanation.

What should I do if my butt is sore?

In fact, the use of a massage gun to relax the buttocks is also introduced in detail in [How to use a massage gun to massage and relax the buttocks?]. But I still want to mention here, because it often sticks to the chair and does not move, the pressure on the buttocks can cause soreness. It can be relieved by massaging the buttock muscles, where the muscles are thicker. For sore points, you can use a cone-shaped head deep massage, but do not press hard.

What should I do if my legs are sore?

Muscle aches after exerciseI like to do exercises that would repeatedly bend my knees, such as running, cycling, mountaineering, etc. The outer thighs are prone to soreness, and the knees may even experience pain and burning. You can use a massage gun to release the iliotibial band and reduce sports injuries. Everyone can learn more about the massage relaxation of the massage gun here.

Not only do physical therapists and masseurs love to use it, but also the gym coach and middle-aged uncle are also praising

The personal trainer of the gym said: I work as a one-to-one personal trainer. After knowing that massage is mainly about muscle relaxation, not pain as a goal. Last year, I came into contact with the massage gun. I used it before and after exercise. Focus on the shoulders, neck, hips, quadriceps, and tibial anterior muscles that are not easy to relax. In the past two years, after using 5 to 10 minutes each time, saving effort and time that make me feel that my muscle soreness had been improved significantly. If a client asks me about ways to relax, my fitness trainer will also be happy to share this massage relaxation artifact.

The middle-aged uncle said: I play basketball two or three times a week. Becoming older, my muscles recover slowly. After two or three days, the pain is obvious, and especially the inner and outer legs are not very comfortable. I need to ask my wife for massage, which it costs a lot of time. After using the massage gun, I beat myself for a few minutes after playing sports. It is convenient and labor-saving. The massage efficiency is extremely high. It is great for me who am busy at work. After all, I don’t have time to go to the blind massage stores often. There were a few times when I forgot to massage after playing the ball, the soreness came out again, which shows that I can’t live without it anymore. Because it is so easy to use, I also gave my mother one to use together. She helped take my baby who just one year old, carrying my grandson on his back, so he could massage while watching TV at home, and said: good!

Massage gun should not be used in the following situations:

Pregnant woman

Osteoporosis patients

Patients with heart-related diseases

Patients with trauma on the body surface

who wear electronic medical devices or cardiac pacemakers

who need to recuperate or feel unwell as instructed by a doctor