Use a massage gun to improve your performance on the basketball court

How should I use the massage gun before and after playing basketball? Are there any precautions for use?

Q: How to use the massage gun to help you relax before and after playing?

A: You can use the massage gun to relax your tight muscles, how to do:

1. Find the position and direction of the target muscle first

2. Slowly slide from the proximal end near the center of the body to the distal end

3. For pain points, you can stay for 10-20 seconds

The difference between using the massage gun before and after the game is the length of time. Before the game, you can perform a light massage for 1-2 minutes to activate your muscles. After playing the ball, it can be used for 3-4 minutes to cool the over-tensioned muscles.

Q: What muscle groups need to relax when playing basketball?

A: 1. Upper limb muscles: triceps, deltoids, core erector spinae, etc.

2. Lower limb muscles: quadriceps femoris, hind leg muscles, leg abductor adductors, hip muscles, calf anterior muscle, soleus, gastrocnemius, etc.

Q: When playing basketball with leg cramps, can I also use a massage gun to help recover?

A: First, stretch the cramped muscle by stretching, and then relax the muscle with a massage gun after the cramp is gone