massage gun structure

Two factors affecting massage gun quality


1. Motor

massage gun moterThe quality of the motor is directly related to the quality of the product. There are generally two types on the market: brushed motors and brushless motors. Brand massage guns generally use high-power brushless motors, while some low-priced products use brushed (What is different between brushed motor and brushless motor). There are big differences in power, life, and power consumption. There are two types of brush motors: low power and high power.

2. the battery

massage gun battery

It is generally located inside the product handle and generally uses a battery pack with 18650 cells to drive the motor by increasing the voltage in series. The power of the motor is different, the number of batteries used is also different, and the power of the product is also different. Generally, 6 PCS18650 batteries are used. If 4 or 3 batteries are used for low-power motors, and some products on the market have too small handles, they can basically be judged as low-voltage motors. At the same time, after the battery is boosted, it also involves an increase in the boost circuit and the protection board, so there is a big difference in product cost.

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