massage gun

The harmfulness of massage gun

Since the massage gun was introduced, many people have started using it to relax body muscles after exercise or after getting off work. The massage gun transmits the vibration force to the deep muscles through high-speed tapping. In addition to the relaxation effect, it also helps to improve muscle strength and relieve soreness. Although the massage gun has many benefits, the wrong way of using can cause damage to the body at any time, and even death.

The high-frequency vibration of the massage gun transmits the strength to the deep layers of the body, but if it is used in non-muscle parts, it will cause negative effects.

In some joints, such as shoulders, knees, etc., the force will rebound to the ligaments after being transferred to the bones, causing overload and injury. If it is used in the aorta, thrombosis may occur. Once the thrombus flows into the blood vessels of the brain, Causes a stroke.

However, it should be noted that the massage gun must not be used in the chest and abdomen positions. Although these two positions have muscle protection, they are very close to the heart, chest, and other major organs, which may cause organ damage or damage. Internal bleeding, severe or even death.