mini massage gun

The harm of using the massage gun

1. The harm of using the massage gun Improperly

The correct use of a fascia gun can indeed relax muscles, but its use also has taboos. Some parts of our body can’t use the massage gun, it will even cause problems if you used on these parts. For example, if the fascia gun is used in the joint, it is easy to cause joint injury; Used in the neck, chest, abdominal cavity, armpit and other parts with thin muscle wall, sensitive and visceral concentration are also vulnerable to injury. In addition, a fascia gun is not a medical device. It can relax muscles, but can not cure diseases, let alone lose weight. If it is not used properly, it can not only relieve pain but also stimulate blood vessels and lead to muscle spasms.

2. there are potential risks in the use of fascia guns.

For example, the high-frequency vibration will vibrate the thrombus or plaque, block the organs through the blood flow, and lead to embolism. Therefore, a fascia gun is not suitable for people with basic diseases such as thrombotic diseases and hemorrhagic diseases.

3. Harm of inferior fascia guns at present

There are many brands of fascia guns on the market, and the prices range from dozens to thousands, which is very different. If you buy inferior fascia guns for cheap, such fascia guns basically use brush motors, and even some use inferior motors, which lack protection mechanisms. The use is not only ineffective but easy to harm the human body.