fascia massage gun

The function and principle of relaxation tools such as massage gun

Massage gun can reduce the friction between muscles, so can the fascia be relaxed easily? Using the foam roller as an auxiliary tool to do some pressing actions is generally considered to be able to relax the muscle fascia and reduce muscle pain.

When doing the corresponding actions, you can also control the strength and placement by yourself. People who have used it will feel that the pain seems to disappear after rolling with the roller, which proves that it is effective to relax the fascia with this foam roller. But after in-depth study, we know that there is no way to relax the fascia easily by using the foam roller as an auxiliary tool.foam roller relax

Studies have shown that the fascia of human thighs and soles needs more than 100 kilograms per square centimeter to deform. Therefore, if you want to effectively relax the fascia with a rubber roller, the weight of the human body must exceed 1000 kilograms.

So, why is there a relaxing effect after using the roller or fascia massage gun?

Because there are receptors for pressure detection in muscle and fascia tissue, when we use a roller, fascia massage gun, or stretching, the pressure will increase. At the same time, the receptors will transmit the feeling to the brain. The nerve continues to receive signals that the tissue tension in this part can be reduced a little, and the brain will command the surrounding muscles to relax them.

Therefore, the fascia cannot really be relaxed easily.

Roller, fascia massage gun, or brace are only used as a tool or way to relax. The real credit lies in the self-regulation of the receptors on our fascia under pressure.

Therefore, the muscles or fascia that have not been evaluated to find out the real problem and make root intervention have a great chance that after a few hours or half a day, the originally relaxed place will be tightened again, which means that under the command of the brain, the muscle tension there will return.

As for the use of fascia massage gun, Lao Wang here provides some precautions for small partners who are using it for reference, because this product is a therapeutic product, which is also very common in the market in recent years.

This fascia massage gun can indeed relax the symptoms of pain when used correctly, but if used incorrectly, there may be considerable health risks. The principle of the fascia gun sold on the market is to transmit the strength to the deeper muscles through high-frequency vibration, accelerate the blood circulation of the sore parts, shake and loosen the tight muscles and sticky fascia, so as to achieve the effect of massage and relaxation.

However, due to its high-frequency vibration characteristics, the following places are not suitable for use: tendons and ligaments, small muscles, joints, blood vessels, and nerves, such as the spine, knee joint, elbow joint, back of the hand, inner thigh and chest. These parts usually have fewer muscles, and blood vessels and nerves are close to the surface of the skin, which is easy to cause damage, The user was unaware of the rupture of his blood vessel.