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The differences between the function of massage gun and stretching

Yesterday, some friends asked if you don’t need stretching after fitness with a fascia massage gun? the effect of massage gun and stretching must be combined with each other, and the effects between them are completely different.

Let’s talk about the real meaning of the fascia massage gun first. Its full name is “deep tissue massage gun”. Its function is to help relax the tight muscles after exercise or relax the fascia wrapped on the muscles in the block.massage gun blue - SoonPan
The unexpected harvest of the fascia gun is: leg cramps suddenly appear when playing on the court. Using the fascia gun can quickly disperse the twitching muscles and easily solve the problem of calf cramps. Pull away. Deep muscle massage and relaxation after exercise is to prevent the muscles from being too tight the next day.

Stretching before and after exercise must be done.

Therefore, after fitness or exercise, using a fascia gun to loosen the muscle fascia, and then combined with stretching exercise can keep the muscles in the best state after exercise. Because the length of the muscle line is the ideal state of healthy muscle.