Precautions for the use of massage gun

Precautions for the use of massage gun

Nowadays, more and more office clerks, fitness enthusiasts and the elderly people are using fascia gun, which is getting more and more popular in our daily life. But do you know what should be paid attention to when using the fascia gun?

Firstly, let’s introduce the main functions of the fascia gun

  1.   Effectively relieve people’s physical fatigue after sports, life, and work.
  2.  It can consume fat and discharge heat energy; it can help you relax your body and relieve discomfort.
  3. For athletes, the fascia gun can help  improve training effects and accelerate recovery.
  4. Although the fascia gun has so many positive effects on relaxing muscles and soothing the body, improper usage can also cause damage to our body.

Let us talk about the precautions during daily use:

  1.  It is not recommended using on the joint part, it is easy to cause joint damage.
  2.  Not recommended for pregnant women, infants and young children, adolescents should use it under the guidance of professionals.
  3. The head, neck, chest and abdomen, armpits and other sensitive and easily injured places cannot be used.
  4. It is not recommended using for a long time, the best use time is controlled within 8-10min.