Often backache? How to relax and maintain muscles and fascia?

For people who often use computers, the low back is the easiest to get hurt. Low back pain often creeps up on their bodies secretly. Therefore, we should take good care of it.

How to relax and maintain backache?

1. Adjust the table and keep a good posture. When the spine is in a natural neutral position, it is the healthiest. To choose a chair of proper height, your feet and back should rest on the support, and the knee can be slightly lower than the hip, which is the most comfortable position for you. Adjust the angle of the computer screen to make sure it is in front of the line of sight

2. Regular activities, at least an hour to stand up for activities. Try to put things like folders where you have to stand up to get them, or consciously stand up to answer the phone and take a walk after lunch.

3. Stretch your back, Insist on working every half an hour, stand up straight, put your hands on your back waist, lean back, and stretch slowly and smoothly

4. Hold up your back, When sitting idly, put a small pillow or cushion on the lower part of the back, and often change the inclination of the back, which can provide support for the lower part of the back and reduce the excessive pressure on the muscles

5. Pay attention to the diet structure, eat more low-fat, nutritious food. More calcium intake, osteoporosis can cause spine fractures and back pain, so you must take enough calcium to ensure bone hardness

6. Hot bath or ice compress. Taking a hot shower will relax your muscles and relieve back pain, while a local hot compress will cause muscle swelling and aggravate pain. Ice can reduce pain, but do not let the ice directly contact the skin, but wrapped in a towel applied to the back

7. Massage. For the dull pain caused by daily muscle tension and muscle sprain, the effect is very significant, in which spinal massage is more effective for acute back pain. In daily life, a handheld massage gun will help you relax your muscle, instead of massage bar, massage by handheld massage gun would be much easier than by a man’s hand, you don’t need to pay much money, just need some power they will work whole day for you. Soonpam is a famous massage gun supplier & manufacturer in China, they have many types massage gun can suit different group of people. Mini size, bigger size, different speed, different massage hands, different colors, finally you will find a model that you like, 

8. Sports. Exercise should be done weekly to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support the spine, not only to protect the spine, but also to protect the tendons and ligaments by absorbing the pressure that can cause damage to the soft tissue, like basketball, football, swimming etc., the sports will not only help you healthier but also will help you in a good mood and better body figure.