Massage gun vs. stretching: which is more effective?

Some experimenters have done related experiments on the subject of the comparative study of the effect of using massage gun and stretching to relaxation on muscle fatigue after exercise. 40 non-sports major college students were selected for the test. They were divided into 4 groups, which were blanks. Group, stretching and relaxation group, using massage gun group and a combination of the two groups. To record their muscle state and muscle strength recovery respectively, and the result is :

  1. If effective active relaxation is not implemented immediately after exercise, the muscle state will recover slowly and return to normal after 24 hours, but the muscle strength has not recovered to the initial level after 48 hours, and the person will be in a state of fatigue.
  2. Stretching and relaxation has a little effect on the recovery of muscle state, but it is helpful for muscle strength recovery, and it will be returned to the original level after 48 hours.
  3. The massage gun can restore muscle tension and stiffness in time. The recovery state is more obviously after 24 hours, and it basically returns to the initial state after relaxation. Compared with the blank group, it has both strength recovery and a certain promotion effect, which can be restored after 48 hours. Normal level.
  4. Using in combination. The recovery effect is better, but the recovery of muscle strength is not as good as using a massage gun alone.

So how do we use the massage gun scientifically, and what are the precautions?

First, when we use the massage gun, do not use too much force. Do a good job of massaging along the muscle texture. Do not relax each part for too long, just 3 to 5 minutes.

It is recommended to use the massage gun in places with abundant muscles, and avoid the following parts as much as possible: joints, bone protruding positions, lymphatic tissue and nerve rich positions, organ positions, and arterial positions. Pay attention that did not use the massage gun to injuries during exercise in 24 hours. Otherwise, the injury may be aggravated. You should pressurize ice or seek medical treatment in time. People with plaques and thrombosis are not suitable for using massage gun.

Knowing this, for our daily use of the massage gun, everyone should pay more attention to it.