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Massage gun and manual massage, which is better?

Many white-collar workers in the office do not know whether it is because of poor daily routines or lack of exercise, and their bodies have been in a tight state for a long time. Women usually like to go to a place with a good atmosphere for SPA. On the contrary, men prefer a traditional manual massage that directly targets sore spots. But here comes the problem. The masters of the massage parlors have different skills. A master doesn’t know how many people can be pressed a day. It’s your turn. With good luck, you have a good service quality. It’s so careless, it makes people feel sorry that they have spent money but are not happy. The recently popular massage gun may be an alternative to eliminate fatigue and muscle soreness. The main effects of the two are compared as follows:

Massage strength

Traditional manual massage sometimes makes you scream with pain or feel sleepy. It all depends on the master’s skill. It’s about probability and luck. You should know that the purpose of exercise massage is to relax the bad muscles. If there is strong pain in the pressing process, in order to protect the bad muscles, the good muscles will become tight. The purpose of relaxation is to put the cart before the horse and get half the result with twice the effort.

Unlike manual massage, this massage gun loosens the muscles, from the first minute to the end of the moment, the force applied to every point on the body is the same. The process is only slightly sour and most of the time is comfortable.massage gun

Massage depth

Traditional Chinese massage also uses vibration to achieve muscle relaxation, but the vibration frequency cannot be compared to that of a machine. There are so many layers of muscles, and the muscles are a whole bunch. It is impossible to accurately confirm the tightness of the muscles by pressing with your hands. In addition, pressing with bare hands is equivalent to knocking, which will bring heat energy and swelling may occur in some parts. The pain level of the massage gun is not as severe as that of the traditional massage with bare hands. This is because the latter can only focus on the main points due to the time limit, and force the local muscles to loosen, sometimes unavoidably too much, resulting in an increase in the pain index. But the body is linked. If the muscles are not fully relaxed, they will quickly return to a tight state.

Therefore, the massage gun in the massage strength and depth is better than the traditional manual massage. But the massage gun should also be “often pressed” to gradually relax. As for the time, each time the fascia massage gun is used, it can not be massaged in the same position for too long. It is recommended to press for 5 to 10 minutes.