Which one is better massage chair, massage machine, or massage gun

Do you often have sore muscles and bones? Modern people may have muscle pain due to incorrect sitting posture or due to sports injuries. Many people will choose to massage to relax their muscles, but some people will choose to spend money to buy massage appliances at home. So, which one is better for massage chair, massage machine, or massage gun?

Massage chair: It’s very cool to lie down and relax, but it should take up enough space at home.
Massage machine: There are many specifications, both for waist and legs, and it is better to store than massage chairs, but the functionality seems to be relatively simple.
Massage gun:  It looks like an electric drill. You can press it on your shoulders, necks, arms, and legs, but it seems that you need to study how to use it to avoid injury. In addition, it does not take up much space.

Would you like to use, which one do you choose at home?

With the massage gun, if you want to press the more inconvenient places, you have to ask people to help you. Also, the massage gun is difficult to turn to the back, and the hand is not that long. It is more convenient to carry, and you can press the legs, feet, chest and waist, but you still have to avoid the large blood vessels in the neck. The massage gun will win without taking up much space.massage gun slim legs

The massage chair is really comfortable to use, but it will take up too much space at  home. The massage machine has a high chance of being idle, and the massage gun has a chance to sell off. It is suitable for people who often run or retrain with sore muscles. In fact, these three things only have similar names, but the functions are fundamentally different.