Is the massage gun used before or after exercise?

Recently, massage guns are very popular in the fitness industry, but after all, thousands of prices make many people hesitate. It is still very useful for people who often exercise. Is massage gun used before or after exercise?

Is the massage gun used before or after exercise?

Use after exercise.

In recent years, massage guns have appeared frequently in various competitions. We can see that many athletes will use massage guns to relax their muscles after the competition. In fact, it’s not just athletes. In gyms abroad, almost every coach has one.

Can I use a massage gun without exercise?

massage gun can also be used by people who don’t exercise, but it’s not necessary. There is a professional massage instrument for massage. If you don’t do anaerobic training, it won’t work for you. Occasionally, the foam shaft will completely satisfy you.

Advantages of massage gun

1. The massage gun can replace and liberate the masseur’s hand, cause the professional phalanx to become larger during work, and effectively avoid the masseur’s hand skin from contacting the patient’s skin and contact skin diseases;

2. It has a certain effect on local weight loss. Muscle fat consumes a lot of fat and generates heat energy to be discharged from the body;

3. It has the effects of relaxing tendons, activating blood circulation, dredging collateral, and degree massage, and has no requirements for professional technicians.

Its high-frequency oscillation can directly penetrate the deep skeletal muscle, make the skeletal muscle relax instantly, and the meridians, nerves, and blood vessels are unblocked in an instant.

Characteristics of massage gun

1. There are five kinds of three-dimensional elastic massage heads, which can be selected according to the needs of different parts. The embedded timing automatic timer sets each massage time to 15 minutes.

2. Speed regulation and frequency modulation knob: rotate clockwise to accelerate ‘+’ vibration frequency 6500 times per minute, counterclockwise to decelerate ‘-‘ low vibration frequency 1000 times per minute, and adjust according to actual needs.