massage gun

Is the massage gun really useful?

When the massage gun first came out, it was mainly used by athletes. Later, it quickly entered the field of mass fitness. In recent years, it is very popular, especially in the gym, at home and in the office.

Fascia gun is known to relieve muscle pain, reduce tissue tension, promote blood circulation and other functions. It is very comfortable after use, so it has also won the nickname of “relaxing artifact”.

So, does the massage gun really work?

The full name of the massage gun is “muscle fascia relaxing massage gun”, which uses its internal high-speed motor to drive the “massage head” to produce high-frequency vibration to the deep muscle. The principle of massage gun comes from deep muscle stimulator (DMS), which is an effective method to treat soft tissue pain introduced from the United States in recent years. Mechanical vibration acts on deep muscle tissue to stimulate its proprioceptive function, and then plays an effective role in relieving muscle tension, to achieve the goal of pain relief.

For example, after fitness exercise, the muscles feel tight, and the muscle joints will be tight, just like the muscles are fastened in a place. When the muscles want to stretch, they not only feel painful, but also feel bound. The function of the massage gun is to spread the tight muscle fascia, so that there is no sense of restraint after fitness exercise, and the muscle stretching will be more comfortable.

In professional terms, massage gun can relax muscles, relieve pain, increase muscle metabolism, promote lactic acid circulation, promote vasodilation, accelerate blood circulation, effectively promote tissue repair and growth, and ensure tissue elasticity by slightly stretching muscles, connective tissues surrounding and supporting muscles and many other parts of the body.

Fascia gun is a good way to relax physiotherapy, and it can be used with one if conditions permit. But it also has its contraindications, we should standardize the operation when using. Massage gun should be avoided in the case of protruding part of human skeleton, acute stage of injury, areas with abundant nerves and blood vessels and without muscle protection, and before callus formation after fracture.

Precautions for use of massage gun:

1.massage gun is used to relax muscles, such as elbow, knee, head and back of hand, where there are few muscles, massage gun can not be used to relax, which will cause great pressure on bones and tendons.

2. The massage gun can not be used to hit the parts close to the blood vessels and organs, such as the great arteries of the neck, under the armpit and abdominal cavity.

3. The use time of massage gun is not as long as possible. It is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

4. It is not recommended trying the modified massage gun. Because the safety of the modified manual version of the massage gun can not be guaranteed.

Of course, we can also use foam roller, fascia ball, stretching and other ways to relax our muscles and fascia.