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Is muscle soreness caused by the lactic acid accumulation? The essential function of massage gun before and after exercise

After working out seriously, you may not feel it at the moment, but the next day your muscles are aching, Endure the pain and feel good about yourself, This training is really intense! Should I be thin? And you start to think about whether you should enter today’s exercise while enjoying the sweet side effects of this “lactic acid accumulation”

However, new research in recent years has found that muscle soreness after exercise is not necessarily caused by the accumulation of lactic acid! Are you confused when you see this side? Today I’ll take you to study what “lactic acid accumulation” is. After understanding it, you may not say that next time!

You may hear it often, but what is lactic acid

Lactic acid gives people a bad impression. It is always thought that it is a “waste” caused by excessive fatigue and fatigue. When the body is active, the body will decompose glucose by oxygen to obtain energy; When we are doing strenuous and anaerobic exercise and lack oxygen in our body, lactic acid is an energy that can be produced without oxygen, which can replace the decomposition of glucose by oxygen to obtain energy. Usually, the reason for lactic acid accumulation is that it accumulates too fast! Faster than the actual consumption rate, excess lactic acid will accumulate in the body.

Question 1: is lactic acid accumulation a bad thing?

When people mistakenly believe that lactic acid is a bad product, they have different opinions: “in fact, lactic acid helps to inhibit fatigue and help to utilize the energy stored in mitochondria. In the wrong idea, lactic acid accumulation is used to measure fatigue during and after exercise. In fact, there are more detailed studies on the structure of lactic acid, so we can know that it is not waste energy under fatigue.

Question 2: will lactic acid accumulate in the body for a long time, causing muscle pain?

In fact, in the Journal of Sports Medicine, lactic acids will return to normal within an hour after exercise. In addition, a study in the Journal of physicians and sports medicine also pointed out that the retention time of lactic acid in the body after fitness exercise is not enough to cause pain. It is usually the phenomenon of “delayed muscle soreness” that can cause muscle soreness.

Question 3: May lactic acid accumulation cause “lactic acidosis”?

As we said above, changes in the body caused by lactic acid can quickly return to normal. However, when there are hidden diseases or abnormal conditions in the body, lactic acid cannot be discharged normally, which may lead to lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis is one of the most common symptoms of metabolic acidosis. When lactic acidosis causes the pH value to be neutralized, the pH of the artery decreases, which is an acute complication of most diabetic patients. It will cause anemia, dizziness, and vomiting, and may seriously lead to myocardial infarction and shock.

The truth of muscle soreness after exercise is delayed muscle soreness.

After we all know that the real culprit of muscle pain is not lactic acid accumulation, we need to understand what is “muscle delayed soreness” (DOMS). When the muscle is slightly torn after exercise, it will cause muscle swelling and pain. In order to quickly alleviate the symptoms, the body will produce a large number of white blood cells (prostaglandins) to repair the muscles.

During exercise, if the muscles contract centripetally (the muscles contract but shorten), it means that you will feel tired quickly, but you can also recover your strength quickly; If muscles contract centrifugally during exercise (muscles contract but extend), such as weight training or downhill running, it may cause “delayed muscle soreness”

Delayed muscle soreness mainly occurs in the following situations. Improve the intensity, frequency, and length of exercise, or you suddenly pick up your enthusiasm for exercise after a long time of no exercise! Believe me, the first day is hard, but all you have to do is warm up. But compared with the warm-up before exercise, it is very necessary to wake up the muscles of the whole body. What should we do at this time? Of course, it is to use the massage gun to warm up and awaken the muscles of the whole body.massage gun relax muscle

The massage gun is more precise and deep for muscle and fascia relaxation. It can effectively prevent and alleviate delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise, reduce muscle and bone strain, promote local blood circulation, and improve overall exercise performance.

I always thought that the use of massage gun after exercise was to expel lactic acid from muscles. Now I feel stupid!

Lactic acid, which has been misunderstood by everyone, is actually the product of energy recovery produced by the body under hypoxia. The main cause of muscle soreness is muscle delayed soreness (DOMS). Although this situation cannot be completely avoided, it is very necessary to warm up before exercise and use massage gun to wake up muscles. Relaxing and stretching after exercise can reduce the pain caused by muscle delayed soreness!