Teragun G3PRO

Is it really worth starting with a low-cost massage gun?

I returned to my hometown early this year. After a few days of work, I thought of using the massage gun to relax, but I forgot to bring my favorite massage gun,I have to buy another one massage gun online, but the massage gun I chose was the lowest price product in the whole network.
The purpose is to see if this massage relaxation product with a price of no more than 100 dollar can really be no different from hyperice? By the way, do low-cost massage guns really deserve to start?

After using the internal coupon, I bought a Massage Relaxation gun for less than 50 dollar. Next, let’s take a look at this selling product with me!


The price is here, so there is no need for external packaging. Sure enough, the paper packaging box is so simple that it can’t be any more simple. It smells like “I’m a fake” from the inside to the outside! When I removed the packing box, what came into view was a massage gun, several massage heads, and a 12V external power supply!

Material of product

In this product, the massage head is equipped with four different shapes of heads made of conventional materials. The workmanship of the massage head can still be seen in the past, that is, some rough edges of the pointed massage head are not handled in place, and the hardness of the material is fairly good, that is, the plastic taste of the overall product is still quite big.

Speed level

In fact, I suggested choosing a massage gun, don’t pay too much attention to the gear problem. It’s not that the better the gear is, just enough! Like this massage gun, there are only three gears. I think it’s enough!


Strength is the core problem of massage gun. Let’s talk about the user experience of this product purchased. This product is like tickling on me, and it does not achieve the effect of deep muscle and fascia relaxation. This reflects the strength of the massage gun. The HYPERICE of the originator hit the body like a cannon, and it was awesome every time. This domestic product is like a child tickling me. In the event of such a problem, we still have to talk about the amplitude distance between the motor of the massage gun and the massage head. The official declaration of this massage gun purchased by me uses an imported brushless motor, but I will not believe it. It is a simple cost problem; If the motor is not selected well, the strength of the product will be greatly reduced.

Other details about this less than 50 dollar massage gun do not need to be explained one by one, and the low-cost massage gun is not worth starting with. Without considering the quality problem, just the user experience, it is estimated that everyone will have a bad impression of the massage gun and develop into an idea that the massage gun is useless. That’s because many people will first choose low-cost massage guns to experience!

If you focus on cost, it is a good choice to choose the massage gun of well-known brands Just like soonpam. If you are rich, the hyperice massage gun or Tharegun GR3PRO is a good choice. Remember that the selling price of hyperice massage gun in the United States is also about $600.