mini massage gun

Is it better to buy a regular massage gun or a mini massage gun?

fascial massage guns have been known for a few years, and now they are becoming more and more popular. Many people who like to exercise like to use massage guns very much. What should we choose when we buy massage guns?

Is it better to buy a professional massage gun or a mini masssage gun?

Choose according to your specific situation. If you want a fully functional fascia gun, choose a large one. If you want to be portable, choose a small one. You can choose the most suitable one according to your own situation.massage gun pro

massage gun principle

The principle of massage gun is to use the principle of muscle resonance to deeply hit and vibrate the deep muscle tissue, so as to accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain and accelerate the recovery after injury. It has a certain effect on local weight loss. Muscle fat consumes a lot of fat and generates heat energy to be discharged from the body.

How to choose a massage gun

Feel the amplitude. Because of the continuous beating movement, the operation of the brushless motor will drive the whole fuselage to vibrate in the opposite direction, which is also the way to protect the balance of the fuselage. However, if the amplitude is obvious every month, the worse the experience will be. This is also the embodiment of the damping ability. Some products have added their own weight to reduce resonance, but they can’t last for a long time, Without a scientific shock absorption design, all disadvantages will eventually appear.

How long is massage suitable?

Each part shall not exceed 3-5 minutes at most. Because the fascia gun uses a high-speed motor to drive the gun head, the high frequency generated can reach 2000-3000 forces and vibrations per minute, which can be transmitted to the muscles and fascia of the human body. The force is strong. If you massage for too long, it will increase muscle fatigue and even damage the muscles. Therefore, the use time of each muscle part cannot exceed 3-5 minutes.