massage gun to relax calf muscles

How to using massage gun to relax calf muscles

Workable methods and normal misunderstandings of using massage gun to relax calf muscles

You need to find the tighter muscle bundles and use the round head to massage. then open the strength gear and approach the muscles. You can hit vertically or sideways to gently make the muscles vibrate, but not to transmit to the calf bones. Some people like the feeling of vibrating back and forth. If there is a specific trigger point, you can change the cylindrical head to shake and relax at an appropriate angle.

It is recommended that the stay of a trigger point should not exceed one minute. The area where the massage gun releases the calf should be at the large muscle. If you press it directly, many people are uncomfortable. In addition, the soft tissues near the joints and tendons are fragile, and over-massaging can cause injury or inflammation.

If there are obvious pain points, do not focus on the massage, it is not that the more you press, the less pain, For beginners, it is recommended to use a round or flat head first. For the elderly or those with underdeveloped muscles, it is safer to use a flat head. Most people wait until they can master the strength of the round head before changing to the cylindrical head.

Q: Can I use the massage gun to massage the calf only after exercise?

A: It is also suitable for people who stand for a long time, sit for a long time, and wear high heels.

After standing for a long time or sitting for a long time, you often feel fatigued and swelling in the calf. This is a feeling caused by insufficient venous return. The method of using a massage gun should not be heavy. It is recommended to massage gently back and forth with a round or flat head. When the muscle membrane relaxes, the subcutaneous venous return and lymphatic circulation can be improved. If it is hit hard, it will increase muscle soreness.


  • There is no need to shake the bones or other parts with the massage gun
  • Turn on the strength gear and move closer to the muscles
  • It is not recommended to massage one point for more than one minute
  • The soft tissues of the joints and tendons are fragile. Excessive massage can cause injury or inflammation.
  • For beginners, recommended using round or flat heads first
  • Do not focus on the massage if there are obvious pain points