muscle tightness

How to use massage gun to solve muscle tightness

It is true that the comfort and refreshing feeling after using the massage gun really makes people dependent and want to continue using it.

In daily life, some users are often holding their massage gun and massaging themselves or their friends for a long time, but it is necessary to know that this kind of long-term massage may cause damage to the body.

Vibration can bring many benefits to everyone. massage gun can help us:

1. Analgesia: usually used to reduce chronic pain

2. Affect the muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs in muscle cells to achieve muscle relaxation.

In fact, if the massage gun is used properly, it will really have a lot of benefits for our bodies.

However, we also need to know the harm that vibration may bring.

1. A healthy person undergoes shock therapy, which may destroy their original core balance ability.

2. Vibration in the chest and neck may cause the arterial thrombus to peel off, resulting in backflow to the heart

3. Use on the neck may cause a risk of stroke.

4. Vibration in the abdomen may cause damage to internal organs.

5. Vibration at the joints may cause injuries to the joints’ tendons or ligaments, causing more serious physical injuries.

Is it sound scary? Improper use can cause so much danger.

Therefore, if you want to use this product to relax, you must know the correct way to use it

1. Not all muscle soreness can be used with a massage gun. First of all, we must distinguish the reason of muscle soreness. Is the muscle tight? Or muscle fatigue? Or is it inflamed?

When you find “redness, swelling, heat, and pain” in your muscles, please stop using the massage gun to relax.

2. Don’t hit the joints, don’t hit the joints, don’t hit the joints! It’s important, so I say it three times.

3. The muscle is so sore, I continue to massage it for 30 minutes or even an hour.

Then yes, you will find that muscle bruises and peelings

A normal muscle group relaxes for about 30-90 seconds is enough.

3. The deeper the press, the more effective it is, and hit him desperately and desperately

Then again, you may have muscle tears or bruises

How to use the massage gun correctly?

massage gun relax calf muscle

1. Need to understand what the reason it is. How is the feeling of discomfort caused? Is it fatigue, skewed body, overtraining?

2. If you want to use it, the best relaxation position is the large muscle group. Such as thighs, calves, buttocks, back, etc.

3. Please don’t use it for a muscle group for more than 90 seconds. If the muscle group cannot relax in 90 seconds, there is definitely another problem!

Using a massage gun is a very comfortable and quick way to relax, but the danger it brings cannot be ignored.