How to use a muscle massage gun to massage and relax the buttocks

How to use massage gun to relax the Hip muscles?

It’s not a one-man job to massage and relax your hip muscles with a muscle massage gun. Find someone who can help you relax.

The hips are located in the middle and lower part of the human body, behind the pelvis. Our gluteus maximus is also the largest single muscle in the human body and the source of lower limb power. In many sports of running, climbing stairs, and jumping, the participation of hips is required. In addition, whether you like mountain climbing or running, or exercise in the gym, these are mainly lower limb sports, and the hip muscles will participate in them more or less.

And full and strong hips are very helpful for exercise. During exercise, it will inevitably cause our gluteus maximus or the deeper piriformis muscle of the gluteus maximus to cause a part of the tension and the risk of damage.

Then, when they are tense and spasm, the stability of our whole pelvis and the movement of our lower limbs will be affected, so today we will introduce how to use the muscle massage gun to massage and relax our entire hip muscles.

Before using the muscle massage gun to massage the hips, it is important to know the position of the gluteus maximus and piriformis muscles

Position of gluteus maximus

The starting point of the gluteus maximus lies in the lateral part of our sacrum. The muscle fibers move along this position to the lateral side of the body and finally end to the lateral posterlateral side of our thigh femur. Then the muscle fibers of the gluteus maximus grow along the direction from the inside to outside and grow from the top of the body to the bottom of the body.

When we use the muscle massage gun to massage and release, we need to massage along the direction of this muscle fiber.

hip muscles

Position of the piriformis muscle

It is in the center of the connecting line between the greater trochanter on the outside of our hip joint and the sacrum, so when relaxing the piriformis muscle with a muscle massage gun, apply a little force vertically to complete the release.

How to massage gluteus maximus and piriformis of hips withmuscle massage gun?

Attention! The release should be done by following the fibers of the gluteus maximus, and the piriformis muscle is located in the deeper layer of the gluteus maximus. It grows from the sacrum to the position of a bone outside the hip joint (commonly known as the “trochanter”). It’s fixed at about the midpoint of the line between the sacrum and the greater trochanter. Because its position is deep, so when relaxing the piriformis muscle, a sharper and deeper massage head will be selected to complete the relaxation.

First, prepare the muscle massage gun for massage, and then use the palm of your hand to find the position behind the sacrum. Because there are many bones in the backward position of the sacrum, once the massage head hits the bones, there will be a strong jump gun and will hurt the bones. Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, it is necessary to find the position of the scrum by hand in advance.

The muscle fibers of the gluteus maximus are relatively backward, so the amplitude-frequency of the muscle massage gun selected should also be relatively higher. We can adjust the gear of the muscle massage gun to the upper-middle gear, and the massage head is a flat head.

When we find the location of the sacrum, then the muscle massage gun is close to our palm, and gradually complete the exercise massage to the back of the thigh along with the gluteus maximus muscle fiber. When approaching the endpoint of the gluteus maximus, it can be restored from the inner measurement to the outer area in turn.

If we find some very painful points during the relaxation of the gluteus maximus, what should we do if there are exciting pain points? The massage head needs to be replaced with a sharp massage head with more transparent force, and the contact area of this head is relatively small.

Next, we can stop and relax at the pain point of the gluteus maximum for about 30 seconds.

After the whole gluteus maximus muscle is released, the piriformis muscle needs to be massaged and relaxed. We need to find the location of the bone outside the hip and the location of the sacrum. Between the two points is the piriformis muscle. We pointed down. Use the weight of the muscle massage gun and apply a little pressure to make the muscle massage gun deeper to stimulate the piriformis muscle.

Because the piriformis is deep, we must massage and relax the gluteus maximus before we try to relax the deeper piriformis with a muscle massage gun. If the amplitude is not enough, we just need to increase the gear of the muscle massage gun again, and then stimulate and relax the piriform muscle.

Well, that’s how to use a muscle massage gun to relax our gluteus maximus and deeper piriformis.