How to use massage gun safely

How to use massage gun safely?

The high-frequency vibration of the massage gun can reach the depths of the muscles, relax the muscles, strengthen blood circulation, and quickly recover. However, the user needs to understand that the massage gun is mainly used to relax some large muscles that are tired and tense, it cannot be used to treat pain, nor it cannot be used to massage any part of the body. There are many chronic pains that appear pain feeling due to deep healthy problems, but not muscle problems, we need to find out the real reason.

During daily life, You can use the massage gun to relax your hips and thighs just after running or playing ball games. Because the muscles in this position are thicker and can bear more force, it is not easy to cause inflict to the use, because this body part muscle is deep and strong.

In addition, working people who sit in the office for a long time are prone to shoulder pain, it is very helpful for them to use the massage gun. The basic principle is to massage the position of thick flesh, such as the waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet. As for the shoulder and neck, the massage gun can also be used, but the neck should be completely avoided. However, working people can do stretching exercises by themselves, and do appropriate relaxation.

Another group prone to back pain is the “elderly.” Many people may buy a massage gun for their parents. They wish to help their parents stretch their muscles and bones.

However, everyone should pay attention to the three types of people who are not suitable to use a massage gun:

1. The bones of the elderly are usually weaker, and the muscles are thinner. If you hit too hard, it is easy to break the bones.

2. For people with osteoporosis, the strength of the massage gun may be too strong to cause them to fracture.

3. People with injured muscle tissues are not suitable for using massage gun. If the tissues of the body have just been injured and are in an acute inflammatory period, if there is redness, swelling, heat, or pain, hitting hard will only make the blood vessels more dilated, causing more blood to flow to the affected area, and aggravate the edema and pain.

When using the massage gun, you should use “comfortable pain” as an indicator. Remember to absolutely “not the more pain the better”, because the muscles have a protective mechanism; when it feels too painful, it will tighten further to protect yourself, so Don’t think that the more pain the better, just relax. When using the massage gun, about 5 minutes per part is sufficient. In addition, pay special attention to the use of the massage gun.

The three major parts of the body must not be hit:

1) Cervical spine

2) Armpit

3) Spinous process