massage gun to warm up before running and fitness

How to use a massage gun to warm up before running and fitness?

The warming up before running and fitness can not be done only by massage gun. Muscle stretch should be the main method and a massage gun should be used as a supplement.
As all, we know that muscle soreness and stiffness can occur after training or anaerobic running. We can relax the muscles through proper massage to improve. In fact, whether it is aerobic or anaerobic exercise, a certain amount of warm-up exercise is very necessary. However, some non-professional athletes may not know much about how to perform sports massage and stretching before exercise, and what to do to effectively warm up and reduce the risk of injury during formal training exercises.
The purpose of stretching and massage before exercise is only to “wake up the muscles.” Many people use a fascia gun to massage and relax specific muscle groups before exercising so that the muscles and nerves are awakened so that the muscles are in the best state of exercise at any time.

Today we will talk about how to warm up with a massage gun to achieve the best status before exercise.

1,Gluteus maximus

Turn the speed gear of the fascia gun to a comfortable gear that suits you, and awaken your gluteus muscles by drawing circles in the buttocks clockwise or counterclockwise without pressure. It should be noted that you should avoid the pelvic area where the muscles are thinner and the human tailbone area.
When waking up the gluteus muscles, you can lift your feet and then put them down, feel the position of the fascia, and then massage the muscles from the superficial to the deep to wake up. After the massage, you can feel the changes in the leg muscles and confirm whether the stretching can be smoother and more flexible.
Massage time: around 30 seconds to 1 minute

2. Awakening of the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh

Awakening of the quadriceps on the front side of the thigh: The muscles should be awakened by massage from the top to the bottom along the muscle fiber lines of the quadriceps, and try to focus on the muscles throughout the massage
Attention: When massaging, the massage head of the fascia gun should be perpendicular to the muscles, so that the vibration strength of the fascia gun can be transmitted to the deep-seated muscles. And the massaged part should be relaxed, in order to achieve a reasonable warm-up exercise effect.

3,Activate the calf muscles along the muscle fibers

Starting from both sides of the calf, follow the muscles directly below the calf, massage from top to bottom, and follow the direction of the muscle fascia to massage each muscle group for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
When using the massage gun, you should not make your muscles feel uncomfortable or sore. On the contrary, you should be mainly on the feeling of “warming the muscles”.
In the fact, to activate the muscles, it is enough to touch the skin of the muscle through the slight vibration of the fascia gun. Because the receptors of the muscle fascia receive the stimulation of the massage gun frequency, the sensation is transmitted to our nervous system and spinal nerves. At this time, there will naturally be a signal at the spinal nerve that conveys the message that the body “is going to start fitness exercise”.
After warming up with the massage gun, it is recommended to return to the running court, and get a slow running, feeling whether the muscles are already active.