How to use a massage gun to relax the shoulder muscles?

Before you start, please note: If you have frozen shoulder, it is forbidden to use the massage gun for massage.

Regarding the muscles of the neck and shoulders, we need to know that the neck and shoulders are composed of two relatively large clusters. One is our trapezius, and the other is the elevator scapula. These two muscles are not only responsible for the lifting of our shoulders, but also the upward movement of our shoulders and arms.
For people who have been sitting in the office for a long time, the neck and shoulder muscles often become tense, so today we will introduce how to use the massage gun to relax the shoulder muscles, so as to avoid the long-term tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles and then the development of frozen shoulder.

First, let’s understand the position of these two muscles

Trapezius usually people just think that the trapezius muscle is the muscle under the neck and above the scapula and can be touched by the palm, but the volume of the trapezius muscle in the human body is very large. The trapezius muscle runs along the spine from the top of our neck to the last section of our thoracic spine. That is, the cervical and thoracic spine are the starting point of our trapezius muscle. The muscle fibers converge towards the front of the shoulder at the front clavicle, the peak on the outer side of the shoulder, and the scapular spine of the scapula are where the trapezius muscle terminates. Therefore, the volume of the entire trapezius muscle is actually very large.
Trapezius muscle is divided into upper muscle fiber, middle muscle fiber and lower muscle fiber. The most stressful thing in daily life is the upper trapezius muscle fibers. So we should first use the massage gun to process the upper muscle fibers of the trapezius muscle

Elevator Scapulae: Together with the trapezius muscle, lift the scapula upward. Elevator scapulae’s position is relatively small, it is a slender muscle. The elevator scapularis muscle grows down from the side of the cervical spine and reaches the upper corner of our scapula. It is responsible for lifting the scapula from the internal test, and the trapezius muscle is responsible for lifting the scapula of the human body from the outside.

levator scapulae

1. Massage Gun Relax Trapezius

For the relaxation of the trapezius muscle, we will give priority to using the flat massage head in the massage gun to comb the upper trapezius muscle fibers in a wide range. To find some pain points in it, we will try to change some point-to-point massage heads and further relax the pain points.
(Note: When using the massage gun to loosen the shoulder muscles, avoid the position of the scapula, clavicle and occiput)
When relaxing the shoulder muscles, we should use the idle palm to first find the approximate position of the acromion clavicle and scapula on the human shoulder, then the massage gun can be attached to our palm to loosen the trapezius muscle on the inside. Gradually move closer to the base of the neck from the outer side of the shoulders, and stay close to the neck for a short period of time, just like minesweeping.

The point where the trapezius muscle is very prone to pain is probably located at this position that is biased toward the base of the neck. This is also a common problem for most people, and if the mobile phone is used frequently, the neck and shoulder muscles will also be excessively tense. Therefore, to treat the painful area, we will use a relatively sharp massage head to massage the more painful nodules in the trapezius muscle point-to-point. At this time, we do not need a range of massages, because a wide range of massages have been performed before. Generally, to find the pain, a 30-second massage is enough.

2. Massage gun Relax Elevator Scapulae

Here use the bullet massage head, Since the elevator scapula is relatively long, and some muscle fibers are on the side of the cervical spine, this is not easy to handle with the massage gun, but we can use the massage gun to relax the lower half of the elevator scapula. From the ear to the top of the back is the position of the upper corner of the scapula, which is also the attachment point of the elevator scapula. Stretching and soreness often occur at this point. Use a massage gun to relax along the upper corner of the scapula and the area close to the neck.