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How to relieve the pain of shoulder, neck and headache with massage gun

Nowadays, shoulder and neck pain and waist pain caused by prolonged sitting for a long time have become a common phenomenon among office workers. Does anyone have neck and shoulder pain at first, But the pain worsened in the next day?

This is because the muscles have been excessively stretched or skewed, but we don’t know that we can only go to the masseur or go to the hospital for treatment when the attack occurs. But sometimes it is really too busy to have time for treatment, but at this time the soreness index is rising steadily, what should we do?

We have to rely on ourselves!

Now you only need a massage gun to relax the shoulder and neck muscles, and the effect will obvious in about 3 minutes, which meets the requirements. And it can be carried with you, so convenient that you can relax at any time anywhere.

Recently, it is very popular in fitness rooms. Many people often use massage guns to help stretch and relax after exercise. Relying on high-speed vibration devices to soothe fascia and muscles, promote blood circulation and blood flow, almost every athlete will buy one. Coupled with its light weight and quite noise, it is very good to massages it in the middle of the night!

Most massage guns are equipped with at least 4 massage heads, which can be replaced for different parts. Except that it is difficult to massage the back by yourself, it can be solved by yourself in other places. It does not need to be plugged in. You can take it with you after a 30-minute charge!

Method of using massage gun to massage the top of the shoulder

  1. 1. Fix the rotating arm to the first position. Then, turn on the massager before physical contact.shoulder neck pain
  2. 2. Place the massager on the upper shoulder/neck and carefully move within the sore muscle area for up to 30 secondsshoulder-massage with massage gun