How to relax the muscles of the thigh by massage gun?

How to use the fascia gun to massage and relax the quadriceps on the front side of the thigh?

This muscle is the largest muscle group in the human body. It consists of four heads: the lateral femoris muscle located on the outer thigh, the rectus femoris muscle located in the front of the thigh, and the deeper midfemoris muscle, and the other part is the medial femoris muscle located on the inner thigh. The quadriceps is the only muscle group that straddles our knee joint. Its function is mainly responsible for the extension of the knee joint.

In daily running, when going up the stairs, our muscles on the front of the thighs are used very frequently, and when we do some squatting exercises, it is a movement that we participate in and complete with our gluteus maximus. . Therefore, the quadriceps and gluteus maximus, their complementarity allows us to have a lot of movement on the ground. When we use the fascia gun to relax these muscle groups, due to the very large quadriceps muscle, we must use the fascia gun to deal with it separately.thigh muscle group

Quadriceps Relaxation

First, we should massage the outer head of the quadriceps on the outer thigh, then massage the rectus femoris, and finally massage the inner head of the quadriceps.
When you get the fascia gun, turn the fascia gun to the middle gear. Then gradually from the upper end of the thigh to the knee joint to complete the relaxation, close to the knee joint but not in contact with the knee joint position. Because the knee joint is where the muscles are attached thin, excessive hammering can cause joint discomfort. During the whole relaxation process, there is a pain point at the distal end of the quadriceps muscle. Then we can confine the fascia gun to this area and complete the relaxation at the fixed point. The time is controlled at about 30 seconds, and a small amount of exercise will This pain point is completely eliminated.
When the outside of the quadriceps muscle is massaged, we continue to use the fascia gun to massage the elongated rectus femoris. Gradually move closer to our hip joint from the position close to the hip joint. During the whole process, our fascia gun should be perpendicular to the muscle fibers of the quadriceps muscle, gradually from the proximal end to the distal end. And if there are pain points in the process, we will stop and massage in the pain point area.