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How to relax muscles with a massage gun after exercise

After high-efficiency fat burning, is your body sure that all kinds of acid will appear at the same time? Chest pain, arm pain, abdominal pain, thigh pain, and other discomforts.

Today, Let me teach you how to solve all kinds of muscle soreness after exercise, including chest, back, legs and hands. That’s the massage gun relaxation method.

The massage gun penetrates the deep fascia through accurate and powerful blows, reduces the adhesion between muscles and fascia, stretches rigid muscles, and quickly eliminates body fatigue.

Muscle soreness caused by exercise and fitness, desk work, and daily life can be effective and easily relieved. However, we should pay great attention to the fact that the massage gun doesn’t hit wherever it feels sore. If not operate properly, will not only not relieve muscle pain, but also stimulate blood vessels and cause muscle spasms. Well, follow my step directly to learn how to use the massage gun correctly.

Take the upper trapezius bundle as an example, the shoulder-neck area is close to bones and joints and requires special attention. The first step is to touch the upper trapezius muscle with your hand to feel the direction of muscle fibers. The second step is to feel the trigger point. For example, the trigger point of the trapezius muscle is concentrated in the central area.

For muscle soreness caused by daily life, take out the massage gun and knock along the muscle fibers. Use the massage gun to hold the trigger point for 20 ~ 30 seconds

Muscle relaxation in the upper arm region, take the biceps brachii as an example. First, touch the muscle group in the front of the upper arm to find the direction of the muscle fibers.

Then feel the trigger point again. Usually, the trigger point of the biceps brachia is concentrated in the central area. Then, take out the massage gun and strike along the muscle fiber, and stay at the trigger point for 20 ~30 seconds.

The muscle relaxation of the thigh is based on the quadriceps femoris as an example, which is also relaxed according to the above points.

First, pinch your thigh, feel the direction of the muscle, then find the trigger point, and fight back against the muscle along the direction of the muscle. Still find the trigger point and stay for 20 ~ 30 seconds.

Well, the above is the general usage of massage guns for muscles in various parts of the body. Here’s a summary:

Step 1: Touch the muscle with your hand and feel the fiber first

Step2: Feel the trigger point

Step3: Tap the fascia and move the muscle along the gun

Step4: Hold the trigger point for 20 ~ 30 seconds