How to massage the neck?

Whether office workers sit for a long time, use electronic products with their heads down frequently, or have poor standing and sitting postures, they are prone to shoulder and neck pain. At this time, shoulder and neck massage is needed to relax the discomfort of muscle pain, but do you know the right shoulder and neck massage methods? This article will share with you the 4 steps of correct shoulder and neck massage and the precautions during the massage, and help you to learn the methods of shoulder massage and neck massage.

When massaging the shoulders and necks, in addition to paying attention to the distribution of muscles and finding the painful areas, the order of the massage will also affect the effectiveness of the massage. It is recommended to follow the following 4 steps to perform a shoulder and neck massage.

1. Massage from the neck to the shoulders.

Modern people use computers, mobile phones and other electronic products for a long time, and the neck muscles often maintain a “head down” motion, which causes the neck to become stiff. At this time, you can follow the lines of the neck and massage from the neck to the shoulders to relax the neck muscles.

2. Press and rub shoulders gently.

After relaxing the neck muscles, you can start pressing the shoulders along the lines of the muscles, gently rubbing the muscles above the collarbone, and relaxing the muscles that are usually too tight due to shrugging.

3. Massage the inner muscles of the scapula.

Use your thumb to press the muscles on the inside of the shoulder blades. The muscles in this part connect the shoulders and neck. Pressing helps to relax the shoulders and necks.

4. The massage area extends to the upper arm.

The order of the massage is from top to bottom, pinching and kneading to relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper arms, so that the stiff muscles of the upper body can be relaxed.

Shoulder, neck and back massage usually requires assistance from others, but if you want to relax your shoulder and neck pain on your own, you can use massage aids, such as a muscle relaxation fascia massage gun, which is a good shoulder and neck massage device. The high-speed vibration method accurately strikes the acupuncture points, relaxes your deep muscles, and relaxes the muscle pain easily, but you should also pay special attention to moderate use, not the more pain the better.

5. Using massage gun

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