massage feet to relax with massage gun

How to massage the foot with a massage gun

When you do excessive physical exertion, many of them include working, running, playing ball, and gym exercises. After returning home, take a plate of hot water to soak your feet, which can disperse your fatigue, and let yourself rest quickly. It is very necessary to restore your physical strength and spirit. This is actually the same as going to a massage parlor to perform a foot massage to relax. The way to do foot therapy is to achieve blood circulation by pressing acupuncture points or trigger points on the soles of the feet.

The use of the massage gun is like replacing artificial. It is known that the function of the massage gun is by relaxing and massaging the deep muscles to achieve the purpose of accelerating blood circulation. The use of massage heads is a good response to the needs of different parts of the human body.

If you want to use the massage gun for foot massage, the cylindrical massage head is good for single-point massage, as long as you can find the corresponding foot acupoints. Of course, if your feet are more sensitive, a spherical massage head is a good choice. But the relaxation effect is not as fast as the cylindrical head.

The specific foot massage steps are: first using a massage gun with a spherical massage head to warm up the soles of the feet, and then use a cylindrical massage head for further massage relaxation.