massage and relax back muscle group

How to massage and relax back muscle group with massage gun

Today, we will bring you how to use the massage gun to massage and relax the whole back muscle group. Generally, we have two parts when we relax the back muscle group, one is our latissimus dorsi and the other is the backbone muscle.

For people with long-term sternum humpback, the backbone muscle will be more nervous, so using a massage gun has a certain degree of relaxation of the nervous backbone, just as we stretch. But it’s hard to stretch your waist to really release the entire deep spine muscle group, and we need to use the fascia gun.

The method of using fascia gun to relax back muscle correctly

The top is: you can use a fascia gun to release the spinal muscles. For latissimus dorsi, it is a very wide part of the whole back. As such a large muscle group, it usually only acts on some of our rib pulling actions, such as pulling the distal objects to the body, usually dominated by the latissimus dorsi.

In short, we will focus on the use of massage gun in the two muscles massage relaxation.

Massage the spine muscle with massage gun

When we relax our back with a fascia gun, we first know what the spine muscle is. It is said that the spine muscles may not be familiar to many people, but the muscle of the spine that we see every day is actually the spine muscle. So the spine is on both sides of the spine where it needs to be loosened.

Position of the spine muscle

erector spinaeWhen releasing the spine muscle, the head of the massage gun should be replaced with the U-shaped gun head. The U-shaped gun head can avoid the spine spinous process perfectly and act on the muscles on both sides of the spine. The spine muscle grows from the back of the lower pelvis, along the spine to the back of the head.

We focus on the release of the spine from the thoracic to the lumbar spine. Open the massage gun with U-shaped massage head to the second amplitude, slide down the spine with your hand, find the stress point of the massage gun, and then massage.

The massage time of the spine muscle is controlled in each group for about 3 minutes.

Massage of latissimus dorsi with massage gun

Above is through the massage gun to the vertical spine muscle to release, the next carries on theLatissimus dorsi how to relax. The latissimus dorsi is located in the lateral position of the back. The latissimus dorsi is from the thoracic vertebrae to the back of the pelvis, and the muscle fibers follow the side of the body to the front of the shoulder joint. The latissimus dorsi is the largest sector area of the human body.

Position map of latissimus dorsi

latissimus dorsiBecause most people have relatively thin latissimus dorsi, they touch the ribs directly through the muscles. Therefore, when combing the latissimus dorsi with a massage gun, we can not choose the excessively strong amplitude and sharp massage head, so choose a relatively elastic massage head.

When we release the latissimus dorsi, we first sort out the position of the shoulder joint from thoracic vertebrae to the lateral shoulder joint of the body. Then start from scratch, but this time, it’s just a little down. Because the whole area of latissimus dorsi is large, the whole muscle fiber needs to be combed evenly.

If there is too much pain when combing massage of latissimus dorsi, you can stop massage for about 30 seconds for the pain area.

Well, we have used the different head of the massage gun and the fascia gun to massage the spine and latissimus dorsi.

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