massage gun

Functions of massage gun: relieve muscle soreness

Sports is a lifestyle that everyone can participate in anytime, anywhere, People who often exercise can not only maintain their physical function but also lose weight and make themselves beautiful. Exercise can be sweating in the gym, running in the stadium, or exercising your muscles and bones in your daily work. Do you have this feeling? If you exercise once in a while, you often feel sore muscles, a heavy and weak body, and tremble when your legs are bent. The pain goes hand in hand and lingers.

It’s unimaginable that we lose our passion for the next day’s work. However, the pain in the arms after touching the iron in the gym, the swelling of the legs and feet after fitness running on the playground, or the pain in the muscles of the whole body after a day of “exercise” at work, is actually related to the tissue called fascia in our body. When cutting meat, we can see that the meat is wrapped with a translucent white film, or the “tendon” connecting the meat and bone, which is what we call fascia.

However, the function of the massage gun can relax muscles and nerves through high-speed vibration. Because after strenuous exercise, the body will produce a lot of lactic acids. If you don’t relax in time, your muscles will get sore the next day.

The function of massage gun is to use its internal special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, produce high-frequency vibration, and act on the deep muscle, so as to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain and promote blood circulation, In short, it’s very comfortable after use.

Eyesun massage gun is made of aerospace aluminum alloy, with a weight of only 0.35kg, which is lighter than the traditional 1.0kg, light and easy to handle, and has a fine feel! The machine has 4 gears to meet the needs of different people. There are 6 kinds of massage joints to meet the needs of different parts of the body and massage wholeheartedly. The battery capacity is 2500 hmA, which is 20% higher than the traditional 2000 hmA. The endurance lasts for 6 hours and is 50% higher than the ordinary. The machine adopts 45 dB low-noise motor control, which is fully humanized to meet the comfortable and healthy experience of the family.

Fascia gun is a good way to relax physiotherapy. If conditions permit, you can use one for yourself. Before exercise, it can effectively warm up the Achilles tendon and reduce the risk of Achilles tendon tear caused by sudden and violent exercise; After exercise, it can also relax the Achilles tendon, relieve fatigue and make the Achilles tendon recover vitality faster.