massage gun

Does massage gun really work?

Have you heard of the massage gun? In recent years, it has been loved by the international community for a long time. A few days ago, I saw this news on CCTV News: At present, half of the massage guns over the world are produced by China. It can be seen how popular China’s massage gun manufacturing industry is in the international society. Our company also has been selling very hot in this field recently. We even sold massage guns to the Korean and American militaries. So why are massage guns so popular? Does massage gun really work?

First, we need to understand why our body needs massage. In daily life, we often need to do some exercises such as walking, running, jumping, etc. When doing these actions, our muscles and nerves are in a very tense and contracted state, so we will feel uncomfortable after the exercise. Feel the exhaustion or fatigue of our body. In addition, we sit for a long time in the office, travel long distances for work outside, and study at school, etc., which will form a greater  load to our body. Therefore, the massage industry is developing so prosperously now, because the market demand is huge.

So does the massage gun really work for relaxing muscles?

The massage gun is derived from the deep muscle stimulator (DMS) used in rehabilitation hospitals. The function principle of massage guns and DMS is roughly the same. Through rapid and continuous mechanical vertical rhythm, it can act on the deep muscles and soft tissues of the human body, makes muscle fibers to repeatedly stretch and discharge metabolites, so that the muscles automatically stop sending pain signals, and achieve the effect of effectively alleviating muscle soreness. Massage guns are generally equipped with a variety of massage heads, such as round head, small flat head, U-shaped head, bullet head, etc., which are designed for different muscle groups of the human body. So obviously, the fascia gun has a certain effect on relaxing muscles, but for consumers of different physiques, the effect is also different.

Portable massage gun soon market generally have an amplitude of up to 8 mm, with multi-speed adjustment function, usually 2000-3200 rpm, and the vibration frequency is basically below 60Hz, which can achieve the result of handlessness, deep silence, relaxation of muscles and so on. It can be seen that the massage gun can be said to be very different from the middle-aged and elderly vibrating massager with only simple vibration function. Its effect on deep muscle tissue is not comparable to the above-mentioned traditional muscle relaxation methods.

Fascia gun can relax muscles quickly and effectively, relieve fatigue, and it’s also very portable, but if consumers want to use it to achieve weight loss, it is impossible. There is still much area for the development of massage guns, and we will see more humanized designs and functions in the future. At present, the massage gun is actually a very good choice for people who want to quickly and effectively relax their muscles.