Does hot and cold massage gun work, the role of hot and cold massage gun

People who love sports, like fitness know that every day to do aerobic or anaerobic training, before and after training to do muscle massage relaxation, so as to promote muscle into a better state of exercise. So massage gun has always been everyone’s favorite muscle relaxation equipment, and now there is a new hot and cold massage gun on the market, is it useful?heat cool therapy gun supplier

Hot and cold massage gun

 What is lactic acid

For the human body, lactic acid is one of the fatigue substances, which is a waste product produced by the body in the process of maintaining body temperature and heat generation by muscle movement.

muscle tightness

After strenuous exercise, it is easy to form a buildup of lactic acid, and if it is too late to deal with it, the muscles with lactic acid buildup will contract, thus squeezing the blood vessels and making the blood flow poor, resulting in muscle soreness, chills, headaches, and heavy head feeling.

Second, the method to reduce muscle soreness

Heat compress

Do local hot compresses, or a hot shower, to reduce muscle pain is very effective, with a warm wet towel, covering the sore parts, can improve the efficiency of blood circulation.

Cold compress

If there is more lactic acid at the same time, there is also acute trauma, you can do cold compresses. Cold compress has a good effect on inhibiting acute injury. For local cooling, it has the effect of constricting blood vessels and slowing down blood flow, which can keep the injury from expanding and inhibit internal bleeding.


Massage can not only relieve soreness, there is also the effect of muscle relaxation, after high-intensity exercise, the muscles will be very stiff and tight, massage can promote the rebound of muscle tissue, reducing the risk of strain.

The role of hot and cold massage gun

Cold and hot massage gun is the use of the body to recover the principle of alternating hot and cold therapy, combined with its own massage function and developed a new intelligent massage gun. The use of hot and cold compresses to deal with complex muscle groups, relieve muscle pain, promote muscle repair, improve sports performance, and accelerate the activation of muscle groups.

Hot and cold massage gun

The introduction of hot and cold massage gun

Take the personal care brand m dog hot and cold massage gun as an example, hot and cold compress plus massage to bring users a new experience can better achieve the effect of relaxation and physical therapy, its main features are as follows.

  •  the use of a new high-end hot and cold metal massage head, semiconductor efficient cold technology, hot and cold compresses to deal with complex muscle groups.
  • hot compress, accelerate the repair ability of the muscle so that the muscle quickly out of the exhausted state; cold compress, relax the muscle tight state, reduce muscle pain.
  • equipped with imported intelligent chips, which in turn control the impact strength of the click, so that each impact is just right.
  • efficient brushless motor, with 4500 revolutions per minute, high-speed impact directly to the depths of the muscle group, quickly breaking down the accumulation of lactic acid.
  • intelligent shutdown protection, massage gun with intelligent timing protection function, automatic stop after 10 minutes of continuous use.
  • large-capacity lithium battery, the duration of up to 10 hours, long-lasting energy storage continuity, longer cycle life.