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Do you need to use a massage gun after strenuous exercise?

In recent years, with the decline in the price of massage gun, massage gun has entered thousands of families. Especially during the epidemic period, it is better to ask others than yourself after daily exercise. Massage gun that can relax has become one of the necessary items for many families.

Do you need to use a massage gun after strenuous exercise?

To answer this question, we must first understand the past and present life of massage gun. It is used for high-frequency pulse therapy for fascia relaxation. Its principles and efficacy are similar to DMS (deep muscle stimulator).

At the beginning of 2018, the massage gun officially entered the market. The gun body is equipped with five kinds of gun heads, which can be adjusted according to different parts of the body. It adopts a rechargeable high-energy lithium battery, which can transmit deep vibration of three frequencies to the human body and fully relax deep soft tissues, such as muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, etc. In addition, it can also be used as a very effective warm-up tool before sports or events to quickly accelerate blood circulation and increase joint flexibility. At the same time, it can help reduce muscle pain and tension, make muscles recover faster, and it is also an effective relaxation tool.

Many excellent athletes in the world, such as American professional basketball player LeBron James and American football player Adrian Pefferson, use massage guns in warm-up before training and relaxation after training.

So, how is the massage gun used?

1. Usage during warm-up before exercise: use the third gear of massage gun, change into flat head, massage each muscle group for 30 seconds (the time should not be too long to avoid excessive muscle relaxation), 10 seconds tendon + 10 seconds muscle abdomen + 10 seconds tendon;

2. Usage between exercise breaks: quickly sweep the massage gun through the muscle abdomen, and each part shall not exceed 15 seconds;

3. Usage after exercise: overall softening and dredging + local treatment of key points for more than 2 minutes, so as to deeply loosen fascia and muscles.

In short, it is effective to use the massage gun after strenuous exercise, but it needs to be used correctly. It should be noted that the massage gun is a fitness tool to relax muscle fascia and eliminate fatigue, not a beautiful leg or weight loss tool.massage gun heads

Pay attention to the following items when using:

1. It is forbidden to use when sports cause tissue damage (such as strain, sprain, contusion, etc.) to avoid further damage.

2. It cannot be used on large blood vessels and nerves, such as armpits, carotid artery, femoral artery, and other important parts.

3. Bone process, joint, and head cannot be used. Some people use it on the head, resulting in otolith falling off and fainting, and some people suffer from meniscus injury. After using it on the knee joint, the symptoms become worse.

4. People who lack exercise for a long time should not use it, because people who don’t exercise have loose muscles. What they need is not more relaxation, but exercise!

If readers have questions about using a massage gun, they can seek the help of a rehabilitation physiotherapist. In case of abnormal discomfort, seek medical attention in time.