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Can we use massage gun everyday? Can we lose weight by using it?

Can we lose weight by using massage gun?

Massage gun is a good product to relax our muscles. especially for the people who exercise very often. It is a good choice to buy a massage gun to relax the body after fitness or exercise. You may come up with a question, can we use massage gun to loss weight? Unfortunately, the answer is negative.
The mainly function of the massage gun is used to relieve the tension of muscles. It can not be used for loss weight. If you want to achieve weight loss, you need to exercise for a long time and control your diet before you can see a certain effect.

Can we use massage gun everyday?

It needs to according to the different situations
The massage gun has strong power and can be transmitted to the human fascia with high-frequency vibrations up to 2000-3000 times per minute to achieve the effect of relaxing human muscles. For people who exercise regularly, the muscles are relatively developed. Use it appropriately every day It can help relax muscles and relieve muscle fatigue.
However, for people who do not exercise very often, the muscle tissue is not strong enough, and the force of the massage gun is too strong. so we suggest these people use it after exercise or when the muscles feeling tired.

The functions of the massage gun

  1.  Warming up before exercise
  2. Relieve muscle soreness after exercise
  3. Daily massage protective